• 509 Olive Way   Suite 1041
    Medical Dental Building
    Seattle, Washington 98101

Meet the Staff

We have a team of individuals who are multifaceted and extremely knowledgeable. This expertise strengthens our ability to be helpful within various aspects of your visit. We don’t believe in gimmicks, we believe in honest, well-constructed dentistry.

All office members are licensed by the State of Washington, CPR certified, have complete blood-borne pathogens training (by the code of Federal Regulations), and actively participate with continuing education courses.



Margo has years of experience as a dedicated office manager of this practice. Her knowledge and expertise (along with an extremely organized approach) with patient accounts and insurance helps our patients stay informed and aware of costs — throughout their treatment. She manages billing, appointments, patient records/accounts, and is committed in making your experience here a positive one.



Kristi is our dental hygienist who is a skillful technician, she provides preventive services with meticulous care. Kristi believes in an educational and preventive approach towards oral hygiene and health. Her goal is to help our patients achieve optimal oral health and equip them with the knowledge needed to avoid potential dental problems in the future. We are pleased to welcome Kristi to the team as our previous hygienist, Donna is off to school to pursue a dental career of her own!



Maricruz is our dental assistant. You will find her caring and genuine personality helps make dental visits at our office much more comfortable. She is extremely proficient and skillful in assisting all dental procedures. Her expertise and calm demeanor contribute to smooth appointments and an all around improved dental experience.